Green Ceramic 4240


-Green 4240 (double roll cloth surround), features a new ceramic magnet structure and a cone surround treatment.

-The speaker motor action allows the cones to generate micro-cone-fine-granular distortion, which has an alnico-like magnet sound to it. It lacks the traditional crunch at the end of the cone incursion and replaces it with a strong paper chime.

-The Green 4240 has a less of a woody texture and more of a tradition paper controlled detailed mid-range with no mud. Preserves and amplifies that string edge, string bite and chime.

-Very fast attack with little or no drag and response to picking, and return to neutral, reveals subtle and different types of amplifier and pedal distortion.

50 watt

Available Size: 12 inch
Listen to Green Ceramic 4240 Speaker on YouTube

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16 ohm, 8 ohm