Green Series

As you move through the Green 4040, 4140,and 4240 series.
-The speed and responsive of the speaker increases.
-Strength of the crunch decrease.
-String bite has better definition.
-Strength of chime increases.
-The 4040 are the woody’est of the series.
-The 4041 are the most modern and traditional ceramic speaker sounding but with Tone Tubby cones and magnets.
-The 4240 most unique of the three. The double rolled cloth surround allows the hemp cone balance and flexibility when producing fundamentals and harmonics that aid and augment micro-cone sonic reproductions. Speaker is very sensitive to Treble control adjustments.

The 4040,4140,4240 series sound great when used with our 68 Alnico series, in that the Alnico fills in behind the Green series and thickens the notes up, while the Green handles the attack and early note definition. Different Green series models can also be mixed.

Further, many of our other full sized speakers, Reds, Grey’s, White, Black etc, can be mixed and matched. Please contact Tone Tubby for details

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