Purple Haze


The Purple Haze is an ideal speaker for players who want every aspect of their playing style and technique to come through the speaker, from the most subtle variations of pick and finger attack to full bore singing sustain. It combines the clarity and definition of the classic guitar and instrument speaker with the sweetness of an alnico magnet design without a trace of harshness that is present with metal-dome speakers.

Brad Sarno of Sarno Music Solutions, states, “This may have been one of the best guitar tones I’ve ever gotten, ever. It has the general feel and clarity of the K120, a similar and familiar low end, midrange, and the top end is clear and detailed. There is nothing like this speaker out there. Kudos to you and the design team at Tone Tubby, Wow, seriously, Wow.”

40 watt

Available Size: 12 inch
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Purple Haze spec 8ohm

Purple Haze spec 16ohm

Purple Haze graph 8ohm

Purple Haze graph 16ohm

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16 ohm, 8 ohm