Rose Leaf


The Rose leaf’s vulcanized cone surround brightens up and tightens up the speaker’s bass to treble response relative to the Rose Gold.

68 oz. Alnico Specialty Magnet.

Vulcanized (doped) cone surround.

Full, clean and clear articulation and detailed with a less of a woody texture than a Rose Gold. Less American paper sounding with more of British sonic coloration.

The top end has the most chime and sparkle of the Rose family.

Less hard bell than the Rose Gold but more than the Rose Bud.

Fast and responsive to touch, but needs slightly more watts to push it into cone distortion, due to the doped surround. It has a higher power rating than the hemp surround Rose Gold.

Excellent for all types of music and pickup types.

60 watt

Available Size: 12 inch

Rose Leaf spec 8ohm

Rose Leaf graph 8ohm

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16 ohm, 8 ohm